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    Gail Deayton was born in Devon, United Kingdom in 1973. She studied Fine Art, specialising in Sculpture, at Manchester University; later she went onto study a PCGE, where she embarked on her professional teaching career in Art.

    Gail is an extremely qualified and experienced teacher and artist. With over 16 years experience, 12 of which as Head of Department, Gail understands the importance or Art in the development of a child.
    She has two very young children, who she constantly encourages to get messy, and get creative. In turn they help Gail come up with new ways of working with young children.

    The curriculums that Gail has written have always ensured that a wide variety of techniques and disciplines, such as drawing, painting, printmaking, sculpture, on large and small scale and in both two and three-dimensions are covered. She has tailored this to suit the needs, and creative enjoyment so that the materials and techniques offered are age specific to young children.

    This experience will help develop and enrich their confidence, competence, imagination, creativity and thinking.

    Teaching Career & Educational Career
    1991 – 1994 BA(Hons) Fine Art (Sculpture), Manchester.
    1994 – 1995 Post Graduate Certificate in Education,
    1995 – 1997 Art teacher Lancashire, UK.
    1997 – 1999 Art teacher ESF, Hong Kong.
    2000 – 2003 Moved to Dubai, United Arab Emirates as Head of Art and Design in a large international school.
    2003 – 2012 Head of Art in Middle School at Hong Kong International School.
    1995 Solo exhibition. The Salthouse ?Gallery, UK
    1997 Group exhibition. The Salthouse Gallery, UK
    2006 Solo exhibition. The Colour Box – Hong Kong
    2007 Solo exhibition. Three Boxes – Hong Kong
    2007 Solo exhibition. The Fringe – The Economist Gallery Hong Kong
    2008 REFORM: Group exhibition. The Fringe – The Economist Gallery Hong Kong
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    Teacher Heather was born and raised in New York has been teaching art, early years education and primary education for the past 7 years. After completing her degree from the City University of New York- Brooklyn College, she spent 4 years working in Thailand as a primary English teacher where she established her school’s first ever arts and crafts curriculum successfully. She moved to Hong Kong with her husband in 2012 and is thrilled to join the artful kids team!

    Heather’s experience teaching kids extends into several areas of interest both inside and outside the classroom with students ranging from 2 to 13 years old. Her passions for creating involve several different mediums and genre’s including arts and crafts, beadwork, jewelry making, printmaking and any other medium involving creative play.

    Heather believes in encouraging children to embrace their creativity fully. There is no ‘wrong’ or ‘right’ way to make art. Heather has experience working within several different types of curriculum (I.B, Multiple Intelligences, Montissori) and believes firmly that encouraging imagination paves the way for confidence and success is each program.

    Heather believes that all children are artists and creates a nurturing and dynamic learning environment in all artful kids classes for all students to learn, play, grow and have fun!